Thanks to their reduced diameter (6.4 mm), they’re very convenient to install in cable ducts.

  • Packaged in 200m boxes with an integrated reel, they allow for smooth pulling and state-of-the-art installation with no twisting or kinking.
  • The reel-in-box packaging also allows for the simultaneous pulling of multiple links for increased productivity. 
  • Certified by a third-party laboratory and optimized for 4-pair PoE (IEEE 802.3bt - 4PPoE), they’re a guarantee of controlled performance for very high-bitrate applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Efficient copper cabling solutions!


Download the datasheet here : Dca & Cca 

"Make your life easier with GIGAMEDIA’s CAT6A F/FTP Dca!" écrit le
  •  02-03-2023