New! 1FO SC/APC extender

  • 18-05-2022
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

Deport your fibre optic connection easily with this optical network termination (ONT) extender. Plug and play, it comes with a discrete 30 m micro cable spooled on a reel, with each end pre-terminated in SC/APC.   IK08, ABS plastic Indoor use (IP45) SC/APC adaptor with shutter SC/APC 8° connector on each side Bend insensitive G657A2 singlemode fiber Micro-cable lenght: 30 m White [...]

New value-added function for the GGM NE08P!

👍 New value-added function for the GGM NE08P! 😃 Discover the first GIGAMEDIA unmanaged POE switch with “PoE watchdog” functionality.🔴🟢 This intelligent feature provides a 24h/7j monitoring of each and every single PoE device connected to the switch, such as IP Cameras. Should a PoE port link been down, the switch will detect and restart it automatically. 💪 Thus [...]

New Short CAT6A 4PPoE shielded field plug

 The ideal solution for MPTL applications!Simple, efficient and reliable!-Class EA, 10G/bits- Shielded, STP- AWG23/1 - AWG26/1- 45 mm deep compact design- Toolless terminationP/N PLUGIT10GS 

Public address over IP

The convergence of technologies is tending towards the use of a standardised cabling system based on RJ45 and IP technology.In the intelligent building approach, public address is an integral part of this connected architecture. This technology has the advantage of having no geographical limits and offers new services and uses compared to 100V public address systems. This flexible solution will [...]

Fibre routing inside a patchpanel

Fibre routing inside a patchpanelPigtails are "routed" into dedicated spooling rings and then organized into the splice tray. After fusing pigtails (900 μ) to the 250 µm fibres from the cable, heat-shrinkable tubes are stored into the splice tray (2x12 splice supports)The splice tray design offers many routing possibilities for a fast and reliable operation (keep fibres tightly packed and in [...]