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Fibre routing inside a patchpanel

Fibre routing inside a patchpanel Pigtails are "routed" into dedicated spooling rings and then organized into the splice tray. After fusing pigtails (900 μ) to the 250 µm fibres from the cable, heat-shrinkable tubes are stored into the splice tray (2x12 splice supports) The splice tray design offers many routing possibilities for a fast and reliable operation (keep fibres tightly [...]

Ceiling Box ! Cabinets in the suspended ceiling

New! Increase your wiring infrastructure flexibility with the Ceiling Box! This 19’’ CABINET FITS IN THE SUSPENDED CEILING You save time in deployments and reorganization. Your installations are elegant and discrete. =>

New tight buffer Cca cables

Gigamedia launches its new tight buffer Cca cable range, with improved fire retardancy.   Compliant with EU 305/2011 (CPR) regulations and tested according to EN 50575 standards, these cables contribute to the safety of users in buildings in the event of a fire.   Thanks to their effective reaction to fire, they drastically limit the amount of smoke and the release of toxic gases, as well [...]

Close up on the Starlight cameras

  • 28-03-2019
  • Videosurveillance

Two dome cameras and one tube camera fitted out with Starlight technology are joining the GIGAMEDIA camera range.   These three cameras are compatible with Gigamedia's existing recorder offering with excellent price/performance ratios and three major advantages: Exceptional picture quality   These three cameras shoot at a resolution of 1080p i.e. excellent 2MP full HD definition [...]