Pre-equipped racks

Through our workshop, we offer you the pre-equipment of your cabinets, according to your layout plans and execution plans, we integrate and adjust the equipment chosen in our catalogue, or other equipment of your choice.


  • Custom integration of your 19'' equipment.
  • Saves time on site.
  • Direct delivery to the construction site at the desired location.
  • Delivery to date: no unnecessary storage on site = material preserved.
  • Elimination of the risk of assembly errors (systematic quality controls).
  • Up to 90% less packaging.
  • 19'' equipment identification, rack...according to your specifications.

Pre-Connectorization Workshop

For a faster, simpler, more reliable installation.

Since 2006, Gigamedia had a workshop in its logistics centre specialising in the custom assembly of optical fibre or copper links ('trunks').

Our experts master all connection techniques in order to provide you with high-performance pre-connected links within optimized deadlines.

Optical fiber pre-connection

Gigamedia pre-connectorized fibers meet the need for ultra-fast link deployments in tertiary, industrial, residential or data center environments

Choosing a fibre solution connected in our workshops means :

  • A 70% reduction in the time required to put the link into service.
  • A quick manufacturing delay.
  • The guarantee of durable connectors
  • The elimination of significant costs (tools and qualified labour) on site.
  • Careful control of production and complete traceability.
  • Faster installations.
  • Test reports available online.
  • factory-quality connections
  • On-demand manufacturing .
  • The removal of the risks associated with a connection on site
  • tests that respect the latest standards (circled flow, etc...) performed on high precision machines.
  • The choice among a wide range of cables and connectors .

Copper pre-connectorization

Your network infrastructure project is unique: Audit, design, technical choices, delivery planning, etc. Each step is studied in order to assemble your products in compliance with standards, and under conditions that will simplify the monitoring of your intelligent building pre-wiring project.

    The advantages of our solutions :

  • Components certified by independent organizations
  • Optimum connection quality.
  • High Performance.
  • Tests carried out in factory.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Specific labelling from the customer's cable book.
  • No waste
  • Ecological and economical.

Find all our solutions with our configurators
Garter Configurator - Trunk Configurator

Identification and tracking

Based on labels on printed or engraved supports, on marking by ink jet or using QR code, the possibilities of realizations are numerous and answer perfectly to all the constraints "building site" commonly met.

  • A tailor-made marking and identification solution allowing you to homogenise your labelling system for all the supports and interfaces present on your sites.
  • Support and interfaces present on your sites.
  • Durable quality supports with a proven level of resistance depending on the environment.
  • An industrial and high-performance gasrantissant tool with a professional quality result.

Wire and cable identification

Identification by label

En construction ...

The various media have been designed for use with self-protected labels to identify cables before or after installation. They will be easily declineable (difference in color, size and type of material used).

QR code & flags

Identification by QR code on flag label (in soft polyester).

    This identification technique allows:

  • Link a large amount of information to components.
  • To have a traceability of the operations carried out during the installation (timing, products, speakers, customer).
  • Easily and quickly locate the ends of a cable.
  • To know the length of the link or the type of product installed, the date of installation etc.

Sheath marking

En construction ...

  • Cable customization (type, length, company name).
  • Identification directly on the sheath by ink jet.
  • Possibility to vary the size of the characters, to integrate images.

Identification of panels, cabinets and housings

These engraved labels or media can be used for permanent or temporary identification. The adhesive has good holding characteristics on most surfaces. We recommend the use of these labels for cabinets and supports subject to movement or modification. Labels can be easily removed without residue.

Industrial identification

Labels are suitable for permanent identification on flat surfaces of production or IT equipment in harsh environments. By using numbers, graphics or bar codes, these labels allow an excellent identification of the various peripherals validating their nature and their assignment. The range offers various sizes (custom size) to suit any need.

Identification in demanding environments

These engraved or printed labels are recommended for use when marking requires additional protection, particularly against chemical attack, high temperatures or UV radiation.

Remote control tools

After-sales technical hotline
(specialized in video surveillance and network products)

After-sales technical hotline
(specialized in video surveillance and network products)

Find here the remote control programs that allow our technicians to assist you in case of problems.

WINDOWS Program MAC Program