The convergence of technologies is tending towards the use of a standardised cabling system based on RJ45 and IP technology.

In the intelligent building approach, public address is an integral part of this connected architecture. This technology has the advantage of having no geographical limits and offers new services and uses compared to 100V public address systems. This flexible solution will allow you to gain efficiency in terms of installation cost, maintenance and daily use.

This technology is intended for large sites such as university campuses, schools, hospitals and industries.

It provides solutions to problems that cannot be solved with 100V technologies such as supervision, remote control and virtual configuration of speakers.

The advantages of public address over IP:

Ip Connectivity:
Centralized management
Use the existing cabling infrastructure
PoE technology
PC Client

Easy integration of new device
Step-by-step migration from 100V to IP
Up to 800 products managed on the software

Configuration and management via software
remote maintenance

File in MP3 format
Media Conversion

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  •  29-01-2021