the sound makes it show

  •  08-02-2019
New products complete the GIGAMEDIA Public Address range

Mixer amplifier

Mixer amplifier in desktop format with integrated sources (ref GGM PAMD120S3 )
A mixer amplifier in desktop format allows you to connect a set of sources (microphone, MP3 player, CD player...) used to broadcast a sound signal from external equipment.
The many connectivities of this amplifier allow multiple external sources to be broadcast. You can also use the sources integrated into the product (Radio Tuner, USB/SD card slot). Bluetooth allows you to add other external sources (smartphone, tablet, etc...). This amplifier also has a priority EMC input to broadcast an evacuation message from the fire safety system (SSI) over speakers.

This device has a power of 120 Watts
It is therefore particularly suitable for sales or catering areas. It takes up little space due to its compact size.

Kit with 2 microphones

Kit 2 microphones + UHF wireless receiver (ref GGM PAMICUHFG)
This kit is the ideal equipment for qualitative sound reinforcement (multi-channel DPLL technology) and without interference from rooms, sales areas, entertainment or conferences. It has 2 wireless microphones and a UHF receiver receiving on 2 frequencies simultaneously and having 200 channels to avoid interference between equipment.

Ceiling mount speaker

Frameless Ceiling mount speaker with magnetic grid (ref GGM PABC620PCF)
It integrates a coaxial loudspeaker and a magnetic grid system allowing it to be optimally integrated into a false ceiling, this carefully designed loudspeaker with a power of 20W makes it possible to broadcast over a large broadcasting area such as sales areas, schools and offices.

Power attenuator

Power attenuator 6 and 15w (ref GGM PAVC15W)
These attenuators allow you to adjust the volume locally (i.e. they offer the possibility to increase or decrease the volume in a room or a specific area)
The adjustment can be done in 11 steps.