Sound system kit

  •  06-07-2018

Designed specially for small-scale premises (boutiques, restaurants, shops, hairdressing saloons, etc.), this kit (Ref GGM PAKIT4S) comprises an amplifier (60 W) and 4 flush-mounted loudspeakers (6W).

It comes with SD/USB ports (SD card or USB stick for MP3 files) and an FM radio tuner.

It is equipped with Bluetooth® to quickly connect to smartphones or tablets and has 2 RCA inputs for connecting external sound sources and a microphone input (6.35-mm jack-plug).


This sound system kit is supplied with 4 coaxial-type 6W loudspeakers (size 5''+1.5''). It is possible to add 4 additional loudspeakers (GGM PABC56PC)

You can also add a 1-zone tabletop microphone with integrated chime ref. GGM MIC1ZT1