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Wireless access control solutions, designed principally for indoor use, have the advantage of being quick to set up as they do not require extensive wiring work.

They can operate with a system linked to the electronic doorhandle or via a cylinder or half-cylinder. These two components operate with management software connected to a radio router and  controller (Ref. GGM AXC2DIPEVO).

With a wireless system, the door no longer has to be wired or fitted with locking accessories such as door locks or electrical strikes. The security device is located either in the electronic doorhandle or in the cylinder.

Using the (Simons Voss) electronic doorhandle


The reader is incorporated into the electronic  doorhandle and communicates with the management software via the radio router. The electronic doorhandle replaces the existing doorhandle. You need to know what the width of the door and the doorhandle spindle are and what the  distance between the square spindle the cylinder is.

There are numerous RFID protocols compatible with the product, so that it can be used with a large number of technologies.

Using the (Simons Voss) electronic cylinder


The cylinder replaces the key-operated cylinder and is used like a key. As with the doorhandle, communication with the management software is done via the radio router.


Communication with the management software is done via the radio router and the control unit. With this set-up (software/control unit/router), modifications can be made and information can be obtained instantly.

The door communicates with the access control centre (AXC2DIPEVO) via the wireless router. Each router can manage 10 doorhandles/cylinders.

The system is configured using programming software (ref AXSILOGICIEL), which will pair the cylinders and doorhandles with the radio router.

Doorhandle (or electronic cylinder) => router => control centre => (management software)

You can connect several conroller with a switch. N.B: a controller can manage 10 electronic doorhandles on a maximum of two routers.

PS: By using several controller, it is possible to have both wired and wireless architecture up to 840 readers.