GIGAMEDIA turns up the volume!

  •  12-01-2018
Public address systems  arrived at Gigamedia with a wide range of products intended for shops, restaurants, schools, associations, sports organisation and companies.

This offering includes:
  • Mixer, multi-zone, matrix and other amplifiers to deal with various projects and provide custom solutions.
You can play your favourite music, listen to the radio or even make announcements in your sales space using your public address. Easy to install and configure, this range will add an extra touch to create a welcoming atmosphere and increase your sales.
  • Microphones:
Used to make announcements across one or more zones of your installed system.
  • Loudspeakers able to provide good listening comfort regardless of the installation environment:
  • Numerous loudspeaker models are available to fulfil various installation and acoustic requirements. The range includes loudspeakers that can be mounted in drop ceilings, suspended, attached to walls, are adjustable (direction) and can even be used within compression chambers.